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Can discarded textiles be 100% converted into virgin fibers?


Materials science and new technologies have been advancing steadily. To reduce the pressure on the environment, producers have developed modern fibers that are environmentally friendly, lightweight, elastic, flexible and easy to process. In addition, the new fabrics have unique properties, such as sensory capabilities, electrical conductivity and data transmission. Cloths with properties such as hydrophobic cotton, plant-based textiles, antimicrobial fabrics, and shape-memory polymers demonstrate versatility in textile innovation. Collectively, these textile innovations provide sustainable new textiles suitable for mass production.

TreeToTextile's new process technology to produce bio-based textile fibers with low environmental footprint at attractive costs. This new fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials from forests. The new process has been carefully designed to have low energy and chemical requirements. It is designed for large-scale production and includes a recycling system for reusing chemicals.