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Smart textiles enable equipment to interact with the human body


With the continuous growth of the global economy and the gradual upgrading of consumer demand, the textile market is also expanding. The emergence of new smart materials and the improvement of new technologies provide support for the expansion of the market. Global textile start-ups are integrating new smart materials and extending their traditional functions while responding to environmental pressures.

On ITMA 2023, the global stage of the textile industry, 16 outstanding start-ups from new textiles, smart textiles, advanced garment manufacturing, sustainable supply chain, 3D technology, customization and personalization, AI and data analysis, green printing and dyeing technology, etc. Create new market value and work with other companies to drive the industry towards a more digital and sustainable future.

Technological advances have created smart textiles that enable interaction between devices and the human body. Smart clothing utilizes various IoT sensors to collect a person's biometric and physical data for effective health and activity monitoring. Textile manufacturers use microelectronics, biotechnology and nanomaterials to improve the interconnection between components. Among other things, startups are working on durable sensors that can withstand multiple washes. In this way, the startup offers technology-driven resilient solutions that regulate the human body and protect against environmental hazards.

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