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American home textile supplier giant acquires legendary brand Wamsutta


American home textile supplier giant acquires legendary brand Wamsutta

Beyond Inc., the parent company of Bed Bath & Beyond, Overstock and Zulily, recently sold Wamsutta, a century-old home textile brand, to Indo Count Industries. Indo Count, a bedding manufacturer from India, was ranked fourth among U.S. home textile suppliers in 2023. Its annual wholesale business sales in the U.S. market exceed US$500 million.

It is reported that Indo Count successfully acquired the Wamsutta brand with US$10.25 million in cash and assuming part of the debt.

Popular Wamsutta home textiles

The Wamsutta brand has a long and distinguished history in the American market. Wamsutta was founded in Massachusetts, USA in 1846. By 1892, Wamsutta had grown into the world's largest cotton textile mill, producing shirts, bed sheets and towels.

In the 1980s, the Wamsutta brand was acquired by multinational company Springs Global. After changing hands several times, it was purchased by the now-defunct Bed Bath & Beyond in 2012. Over the years, Wamsutta has continued to sell well in BBB stores, especially its towels, bath towels and bed sheet sets, which are deeply loved by customers. There are still many loyal fans searching for the brand's stock products in the market.

Until recently, Beyond Inc. seemed intent on relaunching the brand. In February, Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Chandra Holt said the company planned to work with suppliers and designers to "draw a new vision for Wamsutta."

Indo Count’s motivation for acquiring Wamsutta brand

As a home textile supplier whose main business is wholesale, Indo Count spent US$10 million to acquire this well-known brand that has withdrawn from the market, aiming to enhance the status of its products in the high-end market and further expand to Europe, Australia and other international markets outside of North America. market.

The company plans to continue this 178-year-old traditional brand value in the bedding, bathroom textiles and fashion home furnishing categories. Mohit Jain, executive vice chairman of Indo Count, said: "We will explore multiple distribution channels not only to reach the core consumers of the Wamsutta brand, but also hope to introduce the excellent quality and luxury of the Wamsutta brand to a new generation of consumers." He also said: “Our strategic vision is to leverage our operational capabilities to enhance the value of the brand and realize its potential globally. Wamsutta’s brand equity, combined with Indo Count’s global reach, will drive the brand to new heights, and becomes an important milestone in our expansion strategy.”

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