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The use of electric blanket safety precautions


Electric Blankets is a kind of contact Electric heating appliance. It is safe to use properly produced Electric Blankets.

In winter, Electric Blankets can quickly improve the warmth of the bed to warm, it can take away the heat in the bedding moisture, moisture, so rheumatism patients have a good protective effect.

Proper use of Electric Blankets:

Turn on the Electric blanket before going to bed, sleep when removed, after the heating of Electric Blankets, sleep will feel warm inside the very comfortable.


Most people who have problems using electric blankets turn them on during sleep, or don’t turn them on completely. Proper use of electric blankets is to use them as a warm blanket, when the quilt is completely warm, turn off the electric blanket. This will keep you warm and safe.

Electric blanket can be opened all night?

It generally open before going to bed, sleep without electric blanket. Electric blanket is an electrical appliance, sleeping on the electric blanket all night has a security risk, but also easy to burn the skin, often open the electric blanket at night to sleep prone to itchy skin symptoms, affect skin health. Therefore, it is not recommended to open the electric blanket one night.

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