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Why choose JHome military blanket?


Why choose JHome military blanket?

WARM BLANKET - This army wool blanket traps body heat in extreme conditions, even when wet. It's also breathable, temperature regulating and loom woven for durability

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR - This wool blanket is ideal as a car blanket or for your bug out bag supplies. Great for everyday or emergency use, it's better than army navy surplus

LARGE SIZE - At over seven feet long, our twin wool blanket will comfortably cover the tallest person, with enough side-to-side room for two adults

EASY CARE - Our military blankets and throws are machine washable (see below for care info). Also factory washed 3X so they are ready for immediate use

UPGRADED QUALITY - Significantly improved smell, softness and washability. Also now includes a reusable storage pouch

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