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Why choose JHome sherpa flannel blanket?


Why choose JHome sherpa flannel blanket?

SOFT TOUCH LIKE CLOUDS: This cozy sherpa throw blanket is made of 230GSM Sherpa fabric on one side and 200GSM Flannel fabric on the other, providing completely different touch on both sides. Flannel is light and comfortable, and Sherpa fabric is soft and warm, which makes you feel puffy like clouds. The comfy fleece blanket has anti wrinkle and anti fading properties, without shedding or sticking hair, and can provide you with a comfortable experience throughout the winter.

DURABLE AND STURDY: Elegant checkered pattern design, innovative use of double thread reverse edging technology on the edge of the checker fluffy blanket, making the entire thick soft blanket more designed while ensuring durability and increasing service life. This design can prevent the edges of the blanket from loosening or opening, and it is not easily damaged when used vigorously.

PLUS UPGRADE: The checkered fuzzy blanket is convenient to carry and suitable for use in various places such as outdoor, indoor, short distance travel, and long-distance travel. You can use any place you can think of. The oversized plush blanket can be used by the entire family or pets, as an additional item for children's rooms and decorative elements for the living room, providing a comfortable and warm environment for family life.

WARM AND PRACTICAL GIFTS: The gift blanket comes in multiple sizes and colors to choose from, making it a practical and warm gift. You can choose the appropriate size and color according to your preferences and needs, and give it to your family and friends.

CARE AND AFTER-SALES: The comfy plaid blanket is made of Microfiber, which is simple and convenient to wash and care. After unlimited washing, it is as soft and comfortable as new, and can be machine washed, tumbled, and dried to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day.